Plug-In Dimmer Switch // got this for my side table lamp next to my nursing chair in baby girl’s nursery! I got the recommendation from lots of mama’s to have dimmable lighting for late night feedings. This was super easy to use & is compatible with any lamp!
Baby Closet Dividers // got these for baby girl’s closet to help organize her clothing by age/size!
Light Pink Retainer Case // okay this is probably the random-est item on here but hear me out, haha! If you are like me and wear retainers at night, or even wear Invisalign – you might have the same gross case that you were given from your dentist or ortho. Well you don’t have to be stuck with that one forever! I found these super cute, durable ones from Amazon and love it!
Portable Handheld Fan // because summer in Texas decided to show up a couple months early and the third trimester heat flashes are REAL! This little thing is powerful & will be now going with me everywhere.
Foldable Pooper Scooper // another random item – but a game-changing item! We were so sick of using plastic bags to pick up dog poo, and this pooper scooper is CLUTCH! Super durable, strong & can fold up easily to store in a small space.
Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer // I got this to be my bedside nursing/post-partum care caddy! It’s super lightweight and really high quality looking. The perfect size, too!
Acrylic Floating Bookshelf // OBSESSED with these acrylic book shelves – these are the shelves we installed in the nursery directly on our wainscot and I love how it turned out!
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask // officially addicted to this lip mask! It’s more just like a really thick, hydrating lip balm (kind of like vaseline) but the flavors are AMAZING! I love the berry & gummy bear.
Lightweight Double Buckle Waterproof Slide Sandals // I re-buy a pair of these every spring/summer…so lightweight and easy to throw on in the summer months! Love that they are waterproof & easy to clean, too.
Fast Heat-Up Handheld Clothes Steamer // I got this as my “travel” steamer but now it’s turned into my #1 go-to steamer! It only takes seconds to heat-up, doesn’t spit water & gets *all* of the wrinkles out.
Tan Pillow Slide Sandals // got these for postpartum & to potentially bring to the hospital for the shower/going home in! The reviews are amazing and they are super cute.
Velvet Baby Hangers // the non-slip baby clothing hangers I’m using in baby girl’s nursery closet.
Large Neutral Hair Claw Clips // because I always loose these! I love how big and comfy these are and the color pallet is great for any outfit.

May 10, 2022

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